Shed Siding is Stained

Over the past few weeks, we had a few heat waves — with several days at about 110 degrees — so it derailed my schedule to complete the staining of our garden shed over a weekend. Instead, we stained over the course of a week or so, doing early morning sessions and stopping around 10 or 11, when the sun got too strong. We used the natural shade of Penofin Verde, an environmental wood stain with Brazilian Rosewood oil, for all of the siding and trim, and I think it looks great! It brings out the texture and knots of the cedar, and has brightened up the wood overall.

I’d obsessed over the color for the trim of the French doors and windows — pondering shades of yellow and sage green — and ended up mixing mustard yellow and snow white milk paint to create what I hoped to be a chalky yellow with a bit of pop. But it ended up being way too muted — almost invisible against the siding — and halfway through painting the first door, I realized I’d made a mistake and should have mixed in a brighter yellow.

I do like the consistency and quality of milk paint, though, which creates a sort of vintage, distressed look, but overall I’m underwhelmed by what I did. It’s totally fine for now, but I’ll refresh and repaint the trim sometime in the future!

3 thoughts on “Shed Siding is Stained

  1. Beautiful. Looks like a resort dream world. Funny thing about picturesque places is that nobody ever thinks about the mosquitoes etc, in those places… or in your case the 110 degree heat wave. Crazy.

    1. We found dozens of wasp nests all around the tiny house (even one underneath the wood paneling/siding) and our own house, and at one point, wasps were appearing inside our house, seemingly drunk/in a stupor, and I think they’d hibernated inside the walls early on and when they woke up, they somehow stumbled into our house.

      We had someone kill several black widow spiders, too. And the gophers. Oh, the gophers. They’re probably the worst, drilling their holes and tunnels everywhere, messing up the landscape. I spend lots of time covering holes and padding the soil down. We have the usual pests on trees/plants/vegetables, but those are fairly under control!

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