August Bounty

We picked a lot of goodies the past few weeks! The kale, chard, and lettuce just keep on giving, and we pulled our first bunch of broccolini, Persian baby cucumbers, beets, and French baby bush beans (Nickel Filet).

The bunches of green onions and Napa cabbage are looking good, as are the leeks I’d moved from the other crowded bed.

Cut some zinnias and marigolds, too, some of which are growing tall. Putting our vases and jars to good use!

Rainbow chard, bush beans, cucumbers, and more.
Three bunches of green onions.
A bed of salvia, pineapple sage (which I’ve been cutting up and adding to cottage cheese), echinacea, little gem lettuce, and lemon verbena. Some salvaged leeks are lined down the middle.
Napa cabbage.
I’ve steamed the broccolini and tossed in my salads this past week. The Persian baby cucumbers (Little Fingers) are great raw and fresh, but I’ve also pickled and eaten them as a snack or light dinner.
I hadn’t been keeping up with cutting and pruning the zinnias and marigolds…
…so now we have lots of flower bouquets everywhere!
Some of the bigger zucchinis from last week, some of which are still sitting on the porch. These are the first beets we pulled—I’ve been shredding them over my salads.
French baby bush beans! These are delicious. Sautéed them with shallots and garlic as a side dish to salmon. Also ate them on their own for dinner the other night.

5 thoughts on “August Bounty

  1. Those leek are going to be delicious. The whole garden looks great! Take dome of those big zucchini, cut them in 1 1/2 slices and grill—delicious…next year try some Patti pan squash. …sweeter taste and great steamed or grilled. xoxox

    1. We have some little, round squash (not sure if it’s the same kind), and last time I checked a few were nearly ready. I’ll share pics soon. We just got a pizza oven and I *think* we can use it for grilling, too.

  2. Shed looks really nice but I do see what you mean about the frames blending in with the wood – but always another time to put another shade on.

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