The Garden Shed

The garden shed is complete, except for the roof shingles, which will be installed tomorrow. It’s sandwiched between the little chalet and the well house, and its shape and style complement both buildings pretty well. The cedar siding, double doors, and trim details look really nice. So, I’m relieved. I wasn’t sure how it was going to look, even when I’d picked all the components of the design carefully. But the shed feels like it belongs here, so I’m happy.

I walk around outside and sometimes can’t believe I live here — that we’ve shaped this once-bare, overgrown lot into our home. It’s peaceful and beautiful.

Golden hour in the garden.
Zucchinis in the foreground, broccoli and the shed in the background.
Side view of the shed with a horizontal sliding window.
The tomatoes (top) and cucumbers (bottom) are growing!
View from inside the garden shed, through the French doors.

One thought on “The Garden Shed

  1. It’s lovely. I would call it a summerhouse rather than a shed which tends to look v utilitarian

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