The Catio

My dad, ever the handyman, built a cute outdoor catio for Kaia and Ashira. It’s built against part of the house on our main deck, and they can access it via a window. Since there are lots of feral cats and other critters like foxes that prowl our garden at times, the cats unfortunately don’t go out into the yard. So this space is great for them to escape and get fresh air, and there are shelves and perches at different heights so they can observe from up high.

5 thoughts on “The Catio

  1. I love this…so cute….But I betcha you will be adding on to this…Cats love them and it gets them out of the house! My four adore ours. It has 2 rooms and a 20 foot run between them.

  2. All the pictures are upside down or sideways for me. Wait is this a test to see which one of us is the most annoying commenter? Shoot is it me? Still, it looks like a beautiful life you guys are making for yourselves.

    1. Post looks fine on my end, so not sure what’s up. I’d published via the app so maybe there’s weirdness there — thanks for the heads up!

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