Survival of the Leeks

Remember when I planted my leeks totally wrong—in bunches and also stupidly in the same bed as the zucchinis? I then separated and scattered them, and a good bulk of them survived. A few were ready at the end of October, and I pulled the rest of them out earlier this month.

Now, half of the raised beds are hibernating and covered with straw, while some veggies are still standing strong—the chard, celery, and herbs like lemon verbena, parsley (we have a parsley forest), and Vietnamese coriander (which is a huge bush). Not sure if the crops we planted late this fall will survive (garlic, kale, red and tendersweet cabbage, Chinese broccoli, snap peas, and brussels sprouts). We will see…

2 thoughts on “Survival of the Leeks

  1. Such lovely and colourful pictures here! Thanks of your posts. You are one of the blogs I love reading. I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Bloggers Award… see my blog for details at If you don’t accept awards, or don’t want to accept this one, no worries at all. But thanks for inspiring me with your words!

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