Feels Like Fall

I’m back! It’s been nearly two-and-a-half years since the last post. I don’t remember who subscribes to this blog, but we’ve moved away from Sebastopol — from that beautiful half-acre oasis — and are back in the Bay Area. We’re in the East Bay, in Berkeley, and really love our neighborhood.

My daughter is now 4, and she’s in preschool. It’s a co-op, and parents are actively involved in the school community, and some parents even volunteer for half-days at school, assisting alongside the four teachers. This reduces the tuition cost a bit. It’s a great school, and we love it. I’m in charge of maintaining the school garden, and a few weeks ago, I planted two vegetable beds with some fall crops: little gem and supergreens lettuce, pink and orange Swiss chard, lacinto kale, and dill and chives in one bed, and then broccoli, purple broccoli, broccolini, Chinese yellow stem celery, purple and orange cauliflower, leeks, marigolds, and African blue basil. I also created a little harvest/Halloween-themed fairy herb garden with sage, oregano, and parsley.

Obviously the name and domain of this blog, Little Chalet Farm and Where the Gravensteins Are, no longer makes sense! (Sebastopol is known for its Gravenstein apples.) I’m not sure what changes I’ll make to it yet, and when. I don’t have much time these days to take photos, write, and post on various blogs like I used to. But I’ll try to document the progress of our school garden this year.

Seedlings! I was excited to get my hands dirty again. Amended this bed with new soil and Double Doody organic compost, which is working really well. And bought a new bag of Mykos, which is magic.
Newly planted and mulched, from a few weeks ago. I personally had never used micro bark/wood chips as top mulch, but the head teacher at school prefers it, so went with it.
Fall harvest fairy garden. I’ve since added Halloween decor to the pot, including a witch’s cauldron and little trick-or-treaters.
In the other bed, I used some of the kids’ toys to plan and space out the seedlings.
The little gem lettuce looks great!
Also planted kale, chard, chives, and dill.
Added a few butterflies around the lettuce.
Two-and-a-half weeks since I planted these. Most look pretty good, except for the two supergreens at the bottom left. At least the kids have stopped pulling them out!
The other bed, which gets more sun. Cauliflower on left, African blue basil on right. You can see leeks and celery behind them, too.
I’ve never grown cauliflower, so I’m excited to see how this one turns out! The leaves are big and growing nicely.

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