The First Months of 2020

It’s day 28 at home. We are incredibly lucky to have this piece of land to cocoon ourselves during this pandemic yet still have the outdoor space to wander and play. Trying our best to get Emilia outdoors several times each day and keep her (and us!) active. Documenting as much as I can while we explore outside.

While we’ve not been growing anything actively in our raised beds since she was born (21 months ago), a few hardy plants and herbs have lasted, from kale to some herbs (lemon balm, thyme, and oregano). We even used the kale in a few smoothies recently. We hope to get some of the beds going again soon.

Our mandarin tree.
Sitting at the solar panels.
Hanging out on the tiny house porch.
Getting fresh air with the French doors open.
Picking some kale.
Her first kale harvest!
First blooms of spring.
Watering the plants.
Afternoon sunbathing on the driveway.
Picking lemon balm.
Picking more mandarins.
Checking out the newly laid soil on the beds.

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