Spring Blooms

Our garden has come alive over the past few weeks with lovely pink, red, and orange blooms across our yard. Over the weekend, I finally made a trip to the nursery and picked up some seedlings (four kinds of basil, more kale, aloha gem lettuce, lemongrass, edamame, lemon balm, catnip, lemon and strawberry mint, red and green bell peppers, and a yellow pepper for pickling (for Nick)). Not much this time around — because once this baby comes we won’t have time to tend the beds…

Photo Apr 15, 10 44 22 AM
A shot of the tiny house and garden cottage.
Photo Apr 01, 6 25 52 PM
The brussels sprouts on the right weren’t behaving — this bed is now empty.
Photo May 22, 5 26 26 PM
These are quickly growing all over our front yard — I love the way they look.
Photo May 22, 5 29 57 PM
Freshly planted red strawflowers — they feel like paper.
Photo May 22, 5 27 27 PM
The lemon verbena is back! Looking forward to tea time.
Photo May 22, 5 26 09 PM
These are getting pretty tall…
Photo Apr 01, 6 27 20 PM
Pink blossoms!
Photo May 19, 5 51 58 PM
Strawberries from a few days ago.
Photo Apr 01, 6 18 23 PM
Some violas from one of the raised beds.

5 thoughts on “Spring Blooms

  1. Everything is so beautiful and colourful and alive! You are inspiring me as I plant my own little garden. I especially love the tall pink/red narrow pointy one. What is that called?

    1. Hi there — that one is a yucca bright star, I believe. I think the flower is supposed to open up and not be so tall and thin, but none of them have done that yet 🙂

      1. Yes, it looks like it’s going. But I love the anticipation of seeing it before opening as well. What a beautiful name. Will you post a picture if it opens?

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