We have one bed of peppers, plus four other plants in an adjacent bed:

King of the North
Green California Wonder
Biquinho Red
Biquinho Amarela
Ring-O-Fire Cayenne
Greek Pepperoncini
Bode Amarela
Bode Red

As with everything else, this is the first time we’re growing peppers, and I’m not sure if we’ve selected the right variety for us, or if we’ve gotten too many of one kind (we have several of the King of North and Hidalgo, for example) and not enough of something else. We won’t know until after we harvest and use them. But we figured to try as many as we were able to, figure out what we don’t like, and thin out the selection in our next rotation. It’s been a pretty hot summer, so we’ll see what happens with these!

If anyone has any general pepper advice — on placement, spacing, varieties, anything — please feel free to spread your wisdom!

Pepper seedlings, recently planted, on July 5.
Taken on July 16. (With the tiny house in the background.)
Taken on July 31.
Taken on July 31.
Taken on August 1. (With the little chalet in the background.)
The pepper plants this morning (August 2).
The main pepper bed. Four other pepper plants are in the bed to the left.

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